Whitmor Mexico Manufacturing

In late 2019, Whitmor officially re-entered the world of manufacturing by taking over the operations and control of a factory located in Monterrey, Mexico. Strategically located just several hours South of the US border, Whitmor Mexico is actively scaling up the factory operations in an effort to become the supplier of choice for ironing boards to the North American retail and hospitality markets.

We have big long-term plans for our presence in Mexico, and we are once again excited to be able to call ourselves manufacturers.


The history of Ironing Boards is fascinating as they date back thousands of years! Around the time of Whitmor’s founding (ironically enough!) is when the all-metal collapsible ironing boards with tubular legs became common. Since that time, the basic design of ironing boards hasn’t changed too much.

Today, in our 100,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico, the evolution of ironing boards continues and we are excited to have already started supplying the North American market!



Email us at hola@whitmor.mx and we will be happy to discuss how our operation can benefit you and your customers!