Our Team

It is often said that “it takes a village”, and Whitmor epitomizes this reality. In the ever-changing world of retail, we push the boulder up the hill together in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible. We take risks, we overcome adversity, we seize moments in time, and we take advantage of opportunities in the retail marketplace to ensure that our position as a leader within our product categories remains untouchable.

We are product designers, engineers, photographers, accountants, lawyers, sales professionals, logistics experts, graphic designers, technology specialists, warehouse operators, decluttering experts, professional home organizers, and so much more. We are from America, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Peru, Canada, and the Netherlands… to name just a few.

The many roads of life have brought a great, talented, and diverse group of individuals together to organize the world, one product at a time.

Senior Leadership

Driven by passion and always striving for operational excellence, Whitmor’s Senior Leadership Team leads by serving Whitmor’s family of employees and ensuring our strategy is sound to continue our journey of healthy, profitable growth.

Sandy Felsenthal
Chairman & President
Scott Felsenthal
Chief Executive Officer
Rob Cerato
Chief Financial Officer
Pam Hannum
Senior Vice President / Sales
Glen Bowman
Vice President of Operations
Rachel Eggers
Director of Strategic Projects & Initiatives
Houston Chaffin
Director of Domestic Warehouse Operations & Facilities
Josh Carter
Supply Chain Director
Michael Herndon
Product Development & Management Director
Joseph Delghingaro
Director of Business Intelligence

Sales Team

Whitmor’s Sales Managers are, hands-down, the best in the industry. With a customer-first approach, our Sales Managers are committed to nurturing long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our retail partners and will stop at no end to ensure that our customers are taken care of.

Alyson Shiryon
Vice President/Sales
Peggy Meo
Vice President/Sales
Giancarlo Barzotti
Vice President/International Sales
Tom Rathsack
Vice President / Sales
Danelle Baker
Vice President / Sales
Lainey Felsenthal
Amazon Strategic Account Manager
Ava King
Amazon Business Development Manager

Leadership Council

Whitmor’s Leadership Council is an application-based, year-long intensive program that takes participants on a journey of enhanced personal & professional development. Comprised of a small group from our People Leaders, these individuals are working hard for the betterment of themselves, their teams, and the company as a whole.

Meet the current members of our Leadership Council below:

Brandon Gatewood
Shipping Department Supervisor
Marilyn Norfolk
Director of QA & Compliance
Shirley Crawford
Traffic Department Supervisor
Lainey Felsenthal
Amazon Strategic Account Manager
Adam Hudson
Samples Department Manager
Josh Carter
Supply Chain Director
Wayne Allen
Maintenance & Facilities Supervisor
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