Hospitality: Why Whitmor

With today’s unlimited accommodation options, ensuring a seamless experience for guests is paramount for their return. From Check-in to check-out, there are so many details to consider. As the industry’s most-tenured home storage, organization and laundry accessory designer and manufacturer, understanding and exceeding consumer expectations is the backbone of our success.

Life begins at home but so much of it occurs beyond the home.

For over seven decades, Whitmor has been designing and developing products that simplify the day-to-day. Our passion is driven by the desire to make life easier. From storage staples to innovative solutions, we have a robust portfolio of products ready to serve your business.

A sense of home

While away from home

Traveling can be hectic, even when it’s for pleasure. There are new things to navigate, from in-room amenities to figuring out how to get somewhere. Simple things, like an easy place for luggage to land, proper hangers, an ironing station for quick touch-ups, and pillow options neatly stowed alongside an extra blanket, create a sense of home while away from home.

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