Who We Are

For over 75 years and four family generations, Whitmor has been bringing organization home. Our passion for organization is driven by the desire to simplify life, to make everyday tasks quicker and easier so you have more time for what you like.

We believe a well-organized home makes being at home more enjoyable and, as a family-owned and operated company, that’s important to us. When morning routines run smoothly, because everything is in its place, your day starts off better. When smart organizational tools for your home help streamline household chores, maintaining them becomes less of a chore. Knowing that we play a role in that is what motivates us. You motivate us in continuing to find the best organizational tools for the home and office.

Thank you for choosing Whitmor products and allowing us into your home.



Meet Eugene and Jeriold. Both have been with Whitmor for over 30 years and epitomize the values and work ethic that continue to move us forward.

Our People

Without question,

our most important asset is the team of Whitmor employees who put in the hard work that continues to drive our business forward. Our team thrives in challenging situations, and if our ambitions aren’t aggressive, we aren’t pushing ourselves enough.

In 2012 Whitmor was awarded the Target Partner Award of Excellence within the Housewares Category. Aside from operational excellence, we attribute the integrity that each and every employee operates with as a major reason for our success.


We act with integrity

in all we do and show respect to all those we interact with. As a company, we are accountable for our actions and all of our successes and failures. Striving to always do “the right thing” is in our corporate DNA.

Martha De Ochoa leads our Consumer Care team and ensures that any consumers that call in with product questions or issues are fully satisfied by her and her team. Her team constantly maintains a 98%+ consumer satisfaction rating!

Customer Service

If you don’t take care

of your customers, they will not take care of you. We look to build true partnerships with our retail customers and strive to build trusting and forever lasting bonds with our everyday customers who purchase our products. We will be there for our customers when they need us the most, period.

We like to stay true to who we are. We won’t stray too far away from our core categories unless and until we become product experts in potential new category opportunities. After all, we owe it to our retail partners and to the consumers who let our products into their homes to ensure we know what the heck we are doing.

Product Knowledge

Being experts 

in our product categories is something that is fundamentally paramount to our success. No one should know more about the products that we offer than we do. This product knowledge allows us to educate and assist, from our factory partners to our retail buyers, and most importantly to the customers that ultimately purchase our products.

With our 525,000 sq. feet+ of warehouse space and adjacent office areas, we are able to react quickly to the needs of our retail partners and to deliver best-in-class value-added services to them.


We are flexible, 

adaptable and responsive. We have been this way since 1946, and we know that our future depends on speed and flexibility. We will make business decisions that demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and urgency, while constantly fine-tuning our ability to stay aligned to a retail environment that is always in motion.

With our extensive Quality Assurance lab, we are able to test our products to ensure they will be able to meet the stringent requirements that consumers expect when purchasing our products.


Quality is at the forefront

of all we do. Our reputation for—and commitment to—providing quality products has allowed us to meet and exceed the expectations of our retail partners and customers throughout our history. Quality is one of those things we just refuse to make compromises on if those compromises will tarnish the Whitmor name.




Whitmor's Headquarters

Whitmor’s international headquarters and state-of-the-art distribution center is located in Southaven, Mississippi, just minutes from the Memphis International Airport. Whitmor HQ consists of 525,000+ square feet of combined warehouse and office space.

Photography Studio

Our expansive Photography Studio allows us to move quickly on projects involving photography, such as packaging and catalog needs. It also allows us to get visuals in front of our retail partners quickly in order to allow them to make quick decisions.

Warehouse Space

Our 500,000 sq. feet of warehouse space allows us to strategically support our retail partners from an inventory perspective with our central USA location.

Collaborative Spaces and Technologies

Open meeting spaces and technology allows our product design team, and other cross-functional teams, to showcase new concepts so that everyone involved can engage in collaborative discussions. It also allows our internal teams to connect with remote employees and international partners in real-time.

International Suppliers

Our facilities extend internationally where we maintain relationships with many strategic suppliers who are capable of meeting our product design and quality requirements. Along with our team in China, our USA based employees travel internationally frequently to cultivate our relationships and to continue to find competitive new sourcing capabilities.

Compliant Factories

Whitmor strives to align itself with factories that are fully compliant and meet all applicable Whitmor and Retail compliance requirements. We maintain our own factory ethical guidelines and we hold our factories to it.